Sunlight through leaves

April 3, 2010

Summer wars gently:

shining golden arrows fly

into Greenwood’s heart.



March 2, 2010

Three daughters next door
Are thoroughly outmatched
Yotsubato’s here!

Joy is everywhere!
Run, run, and dance! It’s Raining!
Yotsubato’s here!

Today’s adventure
Milk to share, Cicada’s too
Yotsubato’s here!

January 31, 2010


Falling into life

Her story is our window

Twins! Oh this is big!

Land of Glie

Warm and caring town

Deadly, cold, forbidden walls

Only birds come and go.


Ill-omenned from birth

But at the end of despair,

one true call for help.

Cocoon Dream

That one possession

brought into this nesting place-

Names me every day.


Books piled upon books

Close my eyes for a moment-

Where did the time go!


The old tower clock

I fixed its bell! Hear it ring!

What, now make it stop?

Paul S-P

BL Haiku

January 28, 2010

BL tastes better

with three characters, not two.

Try this – BLT

–   Jo C

More Haibane-ku

January 26, 2010

Here are two more Haikus from Haibane Renmei. I took a little liberty in speculating about the Toga outside of the wall.

Day of Flight

A forest stone step
Then, Light! Complete! To the sky!
Halo left behind.


Now silence, silence
See and trade, my hands to talk
Outside we will sing!

– Paul S-P

Fist of the North Star

January 25, 2010

An ubermensch says,
“Omae Wa Mo Shindeiru.”
The world is improved.

– Emilio

Dragon Ball Kai

January 25, 2010

Toriyama ah!
A-ah, Toriyama, ah!
Toriyama, ah!

– Julien V

Haibane haiku

January 25, 2010

Rakka bound

Hidden wings blacken

Kuu’s memory haunting me

Cold, short days, alone.

– Paul S-P

Tenchi Muyo

January 25, 2010

Oh Tenchi Muyo!

Love me, not her, love me, or

There will be mayhem.

– Jo C